The Leadership of Kenwood Community Church is made up of many individuals gathered together around Word and Sacrament.

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Church Staff & Ministry Leaders


Brenda Roberts | (707) 833-1087 [email protected]


Rev. Dr. Larry Hallett | (310) 415-6133 [email protected]


Timothy Dorman | (415) 407-1410 [email protected]


Dorothy Green | (707) 539-2046 [email protected]


Call the church office for a brochure or to ask about available dates


Jenny Froyd | (707) 708-8887 [email protected]


Harold Julander | (707) 757-3630 [email protected]

Board of Trustees

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Back. from left: treasurer Dave McCuan, secretary Fran Lazzarini, Linda Salomon, moderator Tim Dorman; front, from left: Fran Threewit, Donald Green, David Crockett.

Board of Deacons

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Back. from left: Frank Valerga, Rev. Charles Ensley; front, from left: Penny MacKenzie, Linda McCuan, moderator Dorothy Green; Rev. Larry Hallett, ex officio.

Altar Guild

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Back. from left: Coordinator Rev. Charles Ensley, Pam Travers; front, from left: Penny MacKenzie, Linda McCuan, Dorothy Green, Fran Lazzarini. Not shown: Jerilyn Weeks.
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